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Welcome to The Green Initiative

The Green Initiative is not a tree hugging collective.   It is a fast growing group of companies who have committed to a plan and process that not only reduces their waste costs but is also in complete harmony with the environment.  A real win-win.

Achieving Accredited Membership to the Green Initiative member companies pledge to raise awareness and consciously strive to aim for a more ethical approach to waste management and continue to do so.

There are two accreditations members use to promote their efforts. The Green Membership and Gold accreditation.  Gold members are audited annually to ensure that this commitment is being adhered to and keep abreast of changes and new methods of efficient waste management.

Our top accreditation is a ‘Centre of Green Excellence’.   This is achieved through continued commitment and effort to manage all waste streams effectively and responsibly.

Join the Green Initiative

If you are interested in becoming accredited, please email us at [email protected]

If you see one of these plaques in a Shopping Centre, Hospital, School or Public Building it means that they have really committed to the environment and manage their waste streams carefully.